Residential Recycling

It Pays to Go green

Did you know many household items contain valuable metal that can be recycled for cash? 

With four conveniently located metal recycling facilities in the Houston area, including Fort Bend, Sugar Land, South Houston and Northwest Houston, Texas, C&D Scrap Metal’s residential customers can expect friendly and helpful staff to walk you through the entire process, competitive price for your scrap metal, and safe environments to drop off your items. 

We accept a wide range of household items, including appliances, AC units, window frames, brass fixtures, stainless steel sinks, file cabinets, outdoor metal furniture, pots/pans, and more. And to ensure that you get the most fair and transparent value for your items, our scrap metal recycling center weighs on certified scales so you get current metal prices for your scrap. 

Don't throw what could be cash in the trash! Recycling your household items is a great way to help the environment while responsibly disposing of your unwanted items. Remember - we pay in $2 bills!

What Recyclable Materials We Accept

C&D Scrap Metal accepts ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and more, including appliances and household items that are made from metal.

  • where to recycle copper


    Recycle your scrap copper at C&D Scrap Metal

  • Brass

    Recycle your scrap brass at C&D Scrap Metals

  • Aluminum

    Aluminum Cans and Scrap Aluminum Recycling accepted at C&D Scrap

  • Iron & Steel

    Iron & Steel accepted as Used/Reusable, Scrap, Solids and Shavings

  • Scrap Cars

    Scrap Autos with Title or Bill of Sale

  • household items houston scrap metal recycling

    Household Items

    Small Appliances, Metal Furniture, Filing Cabinets & Light Fixtures

  • Appliances

    Large Household Appliances, A/C Units, Water Heaters and More!

  • And More!

    Lead & Exotic Metals, All Alloys, Carbide Inserts, All Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

Prohibited Items


Any items that can explode under heat and pressure including Flammable Liquids, Gas Bottles, and Pressurized Cylinders.

Toxic Materials

Toxic Materials include Corrosive liquids, Radioactive material, Poisonous substances and Asbestos

Non-Metal Items

C&D Scrap Metal is a Metal Recycling facility. We do not accept any other junk, scrap or refuse of a non-metallic nature.

Shopping Carts

Please do not bring shopping carts on or around the property. It is against the laws and ordinances of the City of Houston.

Frequently Asked Questions

C&D Scrap Metal accepts all forms of metal, including copper, lead, brass, aluminum, scrap cars, iron, steel, and household appliances.

This includes a variety of indoor and outdoor household items, like appliances, lawnmowers, all steel/metal appliances, light fixtures, bikes, grills/barbecues, metal lawn furniture, electronics, AC units, window frames, brass fixtures, stainless sinks, file cabinets, outdoor metal furniture, pots/pans, tools, fencing, engines, and more.

C&D Scrap Metal does not accept asbestos, bio waste, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids, gas bottles, non-metallic refuse, poison, pressure cylinders, and radioactive material. We also do not accept glass, paper, plastic, rubber, oils, lubricants, fluids of any kind, and transmissions or engines with visible oil.

Yes! At C&D Scrap Metal, we pride ourselves on our helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable staff, who are dedicated to making your recycling experience a pleasant one. See a list of our hours and locations below.

All customers will need to provide a valid driver’s license or a valid state Identification card. 
For customers looking to sell AC parts such as reefers, compressor, etc, a valid TDLR refrigeration license is required. All customers will be greeted at the front gate with security personnel who will assist with creating his/her C&D Scrap Metal account (first time visitors) and will assist them in providing instructions throughout their visit. And of course, bring your scrap metal!

Matt X

For a homeowner getting rid of old nails, screws, and an assortment of random pipes and metals from a demo, I was very (positively) surprised at how quickly the people at C&D made it through. They told me what to do and where to go and even helped me unload! I even got out with far more money than I expected and of course, got a $2 bill and an aluminum cup on the way out. Thank you for a quick and smooth transaction!