Commercial Metal Recycling

Transforming Scrap Metal into Sustainable Solutions


C&D Scrap Metal Recyclers is proud to partner with our commercial, industrial, and manufacturing customers by offering you a customized recycling program based on your needs. C&D offers a free, onsite assessment to discuss your current industrial scrap metal recycling practices which we will then use to build a customized program to meet your company's needs with scheduled bulk metal recycling pickups. 


Whether you are recycling scrap metal that  is ferrous or non-ferrous, we accept all alloys and carbide inserts tailored to fit your industry. We offer roll-off containers, dump trucks, a variety of recycling dumpsters, bins, boxes, and barrels to make metal recycling sorting and collection an easy task that doesn’t slow your guys down. Call today to pick a solution that suits your commercial recycling needs whether it be specialized equipment for large clean-up projects or ongoing scheduled pick-up. We offer volume-based rates/pricing, and an interactive supplier portal to offer turnkey solutions that keep your business moving at the speed of industry.

Through our easy-to-use online portal, you have the ability to directly request service and dispatch trucks to your facilities and ensure your containers of copper, brass, aluminum, wire, iron & steel are picked up fast. Our supplier portal also gives you access to view photos of the metal materials received at our scrap yard as well as weigh scale ticket details to provide you with full transparency throughout the process. Enjoy a hassle free experience with C&D Scrap Metal recycling!

Schedule a Free
On-Site Assessment

C&D provides a free, on-site assessment to commercial businesses to provide custom solutions to fit your needs.

Why C&D?

Reputable & Knowledgeable

When you partner with C&D you have the peace of mind knowing you are working with a 45 year old, reputable company with deep expertise in scrap metal materials knowledge, honest pricing practices, with full service ferrous and non-ferrous commercial services, and the capacity to handle any load from our multiple locations across the Houston area.

Advanced Technology for Customer Support

C&D offers a supplier portal to allow customers transparency into their account information and convenience of viewing and downloading their data, as well as requesting services through the portal.

  • View scale tickets / fully transparent weight loads
  • View your service history
  • Request pick-up service through portal
  • Mobile functionality

Responsive & Flexible Service

C&D delivers quick service time (pick up within 24-48 hours of service request) and flexible options such as scheduled pick-ups or pick-ups only when you need it.

Top Pricing & Quick Payments

C&D will work with you to offer the best, volume-based top pricing with transparent weighing, ensuring full value for your weights and quick payments within 48 hours of materials received.

Frequently Asked Questions

C&D offers commercial customers roll-off containers, dump trucks, different sizes of equipment for any business, volume-based rates/pricing, and an interactive supplier portal among other services to meet their specific recycling needs. C&D offers a free, onsite assessment where we will discuss your commercial recycling needs, and recommend the appropriate service or  design a custom solution to meet your needs.

C&D Scrap Metal accepts all forms of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and more with the capacity from our three locations to handle any job. Find a complete list here

C&D Scrap Metal does not accept asbestos, bio waste, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids, gas bottles, non-metallic refuse, poison, pressure cylinders, and radioactive material. We also do not accept glass, paper, plastic, rubber, oils, lubricants, fluids of any kind, and transmissions or engines with visible oil. 

C&D accepts most appliances (that contain metals) such as washer/dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, etc. And other household items such as AC units, window frames, brass lighting fixtures, electronics, computers, pots/pans, pool pump motors, metal patio furniture, door knobs, garbage door tracks, Christmas lights, and more!

For Commercial Accounts, Please Fill Out The Form To Set Up A Call With Our Sales Team.

Felix Hernandex

For a homeowner getting rid of old nails, screws, and an assortment of random pipes and metals from a demo, I was very (positively) surprised at how quickly the people at C&D made it through. They told me what to do and where to go and even helped me unload! I even got out with far more money than I expected and of course, got a $2 bill and an aluminum cup on the way out. Thank you for a quick and smooth transaction!