Your Safety is Our Priority

Commitment to Safety

Ensuring the well being of our employees and customers is our top priority. To help us remain accident and incident free, please practice the following safety guidelines when dropping off your recyclables.

When you arrive at our facility:

  • Watch out for heavy equipment
  • Make eye contact with the operator before moving around mobile equipment
  • Follow instructions of the traffic directors and inspectors
  • Only enter the unloading areas when instructed
  • Exit vehicle and stay in the designated area if your vehicle is unloaded with mobile equipment
  • Do not climb on or take material from scrap piles
  • Observe “No Smoking” and “Do Not Enter” signs in the plant
  • Watch out for pedestrians while driving (especially when backing up)
  • Report any injuries to our office right away
  • Dress appropriately – wear sturdy shoes and use gloves to handle scrap